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Adirondack Artist-Naturalist: Nan Wilson

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Enter Nan Wilson's world of nature art: dragonflies, spiders, amphibians, preying mantids, uncultivated plants and the lifecycles of butterflies and moths.

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Upstate, New York


Adirondack Artist

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Adirondack Wildlife Artist: Nan Wilson creates wildlife paintings of subjects including butterflies, moths, caterpillars, pupae, larvae, chrysalids, dragonflies, damselflies, lepidoptera, ledpidopterists, frogs, amphibians, peepers, mantises, spiders.

Also Butterly Lifecycles: brush-footed, admirals, fritillaries, monarchs, commas, blues, neotropicals, gossamer winged, swallowtails.

Also Monarch butterfly lifecycles: Danaus plexippus - karner blue butterflies : Lycaeides melissa - Meadow Fritillary: belloria bellona- Spicebush Swallowtails: Papilio troilus American Copper: Lycaena phlaeas, Question Mark: Polygonia, Orange Sulphurs: Colias eurytheme. Red Bordered Pixie: Melanis pixe, Gulf Fritillary: Agraulis vannilae, White Admiral: Limenitis arthemis, Yellow Tiger swallowtail: Papilio glaucus, Zebra heliconian: Heliconius, Luna moth: Actias luna, Pipevine Swallowtail: Battus philenor, Silver-banded Hairstreak: Clorostrymon simaethis, Western Pygmy Ble: Brephidium exile,  Mexican Bluewing: Myselia ethusa, American Painted Lady: vanessa  virginiensis

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