Adirondack Art

TOTE-ABLE ART by Nan Wilson

Tote Bags Model

Over-the-shoulder tote bags are 15" X 16" and come in a variety of colors. The images are created from Nan's original art and photographic references—and are printed and heat-pressed by her, as well. Since each tote is a one-of-a-kind, there might be some variance when orfering two of the same.

The totes come in two weights. Both bags are sturdy and have a beautiful texture:
1) 100% cotton canvas
2) Eco Cotton: a lighter weight, but made tough with a mix of cotton and some recycled plastic fiber.

Bag colors can be switched. Images look good in a variety of other colors. Some hand-dyed bags in various subtle colors are available.

From the North Country of the Adirondacks to the Pine Bush in Albany, Nan can be found looking for butterflies, dragonflies and various creatures that inhabit her canvases. She particularly enjoys raising some of her subjects and painting their life cycles.

In the fall Nan heads further out for other sources of inspiration. To Texas, where butterflies are still flying in great numbers - as that is when the season brings the high heat and humidity that these southern winged jewels crave. And that is also when the fly overs from Mexico are seeking fresher nectar and food plants. Not unlike their human companions.

Additional travels across the country - and beyond its borders, brings new species into the mix. You never know what creatures will be emerging next in Nan's art!

Great gift for friends, teachers, kids - and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world, and the incredible diversity of life on earth.

Adirondack Art American Painted Lady on Gold or Blue Tote

Adirondack Art Luna Moth on Blue, Lime Green, Maroon, or Gold Tote

Adirondack Art Tiger Swallowtail Cone Flower: Pink, Gold, or Lime Green Tote

Adirondack Art Karner Blue on Blue. or Lime Green Tote

Adirondack Art Karner Blue #2 on Dark Blue Tote

Adirondack Art Monarch Butterfly on Gold, Orange, or Maroon Tote

Adirondack Art Mourning Cloak on Gold, Blue, or Gray Tote

Adirondack Art Buck Moth on Gold, Lime Green, or Orange Tote

Adirondack Art Tiger Swallowtail on Turquoise, Gold, or Lime Green Tote

Tote Bag Colors

Additional colors available. Please inquire by EMAIL

Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color
Tote Bag Color